Garage Roof Replacement in Bristol

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Replacing Your Garage Roof

At Avoncraft Roofing Services, we offer professional Garage Roof Replacement services. Our highly experienced and skilled team can replace your roof for the purpose of removing asbestos or for whatever reason you feel a replacement of your Garage Roof is necessary. We promise to deliver the highest quality of roofing work that is available in the region. Throughout Bristol and Gloucestershire, Avoncraft Roofing Services have become trusted in Garage Roof Replacement. Get a quote today!

Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement

Our team at Avoncraft Roofing services can quickly and efficiently replace asbestos garage roofs. If you own a garage with an asbestos roof, we highly recommend that you consider a replacement. Damaged or not, owning a garage roof puts restrictions on the functionality of your garage due to the associated health risks. Do not panic though! The type of asbestos that is used in domestic garage roofing is Chrysotile or better known as white asbestos. This is still a hazardous material but due to its very low level of asbestos, it also has a very low-risk potential. Despite this, we still advise having your asbestos roof replaced to avoid all risks. Besides the associated health risks that asbestos has, Some fibres can contaminate the contents of your garage preventing the storage of sentimental and valuable items. Although harder surface items in your garage can be cleaned, when soft materials are penetrated by asbestos fibres, it can leave them being dangerous and unusable.

Our skilled team at Avoncraft Roofing Services are fully trained and certified to complete asbestos removal. We are also fully licenced to transport and dispose of all asbestos materials. If you choose for us to not dispose of the removed asbestos, it will be your responsibility to dispose of the asbestos waste safely and within the regulations. For more information of asbestos garage roof replacement, call us today on 01275 892 483.


Non-Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement

No matter the type of garage roof you currently have, we can replace it with whatever garage roof type is best suited for you. At Avoncraft we provide Felt Garage Roofs, Cement-Fibre Garage Roofing Panels, EDPM Rubber Garage Roofs, Metal Garage Roofing Panels, Tiled/Slate Garage Roofs, Onduline/Bitumen roofs and more.

With our fantastic roofing services in the Bristol area, you can expect your roof to be replaced with the highest quality materials. We will always look at the scale of the garage, budget and location to find a roofing solution that is perfect for your existing garage. Do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about the services that we offer or for a garage roof replacement quote on 01275 892 483

The Benefits of a Modern Garage Roof

Modern Garage Roofs are much safer and much more durable than older garage roofs. This ensures a much longer lifespan for your garage. With a modern garage roof, you are also much less likely to have asbestos in and around your garage. This keeps you and your surroundings safe from the dangers of Asbestos. Additionally to durability and safety, newer garage roofs are also bespokely designed to your house and have many more design options. This can transform your garage from being an eyesore to something that genuinely compliments the appearance of your home. At Avoncraft Roofing Services we can offer advice on the services we offer you and will always do our very best to find the perfect solution for you. If you wish to inquire about our roof replacement services, call us today on 01275 892 483.  A member of our friendly team will be at hand to support you and will listen to your requirements.

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