What is a Pitched RoofAs the name already likely suggests, a pitched roof is defined as a roof that slopes downward towards the ground. These are some of the most traditional structures in existence and they are commonly addressed by professional roofers in Bristol. It should still be noted that these roofs can be associated with various pitch angles. For example, some traditional homes boast steep pitches.

While these are efficient when dealing with elements such as rain or snow, the lack of a sufficient foothold can make them slightly more challenging to service. The good news is that Avoncraft Roofing is capable of handling even the most daunting tasks.

What Types of Pitched Roofs Exist?

It can be said that each pitched roof has its very own “personality” due to the fact that numerous configurations exist. The simplest form is known as a coupled roof, as each side rises to the peak at the centre of the structure. Having said this, there are several other variants to take into account such as:

  • Mono pitched roofs (one side of the roof slopes to another side of a building such as an extension).
  • Collar roofs (to increase internal attic space).
  • An offset coupled roof (the peak is off centre).

Please note that these are only a few common examples. In fact, any pitched roof with a slope of less than ten degrees is actually considered to be flat roofing (although most flat roofs are parallel with the ground).

Why Choose Avoncraft?

Not only does our team offer extremely cost-effective solutions for Bristol customers, but we are capable of dealing with a kaleidoscope of roofing configurations. New builds, timely repairs, porches, leadwork, slating, and guttering are a handful of options at your disposal.

If you would like to speak with one of our trained specialists or should you notice a problem with your roof, there is no better time to contact us than the present. We are always happy to be of assistance.

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